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PBS Healing and the Mind


Bill Moyers




Upon Reflection host Marcia Alvar speaks with Bill Moyers, acclaimed American journalist and public commentator. From White House Press Secretary under the Johnson administration to Emmy Lifetime Award recipient, Moyers's career has spanned four decades and multiple continents. In this University of Washington video, see a snapshot of his career in 1993 when his newest project was the television series "Healing and the Mind."


This series is made possible by the Fetzer Institute proud to make possible. This exploration of mind-body Health additional funding is provided by Lawrence s Rockefeller the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation a catalyst for change. The Nathan Cummings Foundation and by Mutual of America, major Underwriters of group pension plans and retirement savings programs.

Most of us brought up in the tradition of Western Medical Science, tender regard illness is a kind of mechanical breakdown that afflicts our bodies and requires a technical repair, that position becomes the mechanic under the hood and a cure is something done to enforce for the two.

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