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The Most Powerful Mindset for Success


Andrew Huberman




Andrew Huberman, explores various mindsets and practices for optimizing brain and body function. Huberman discusses the powerful impact of expectations on our bodies and minds, citing research by neuroscientist Dr. Aaliyah Crum, which demonstrates the interconnectedness of placebo effects, expectations, and physiological responses.


This video was made possible by brilliant a problem solving website that helps you improve your mental capabilities. There is a psychological trait that all successful people appear to have in common. It's been co signed by Bill Gates and NASA uses it as a criteria for selecting potential systems engineers. This concept is called the growth mindset. A term originally coined by Carol Dweck. People with the growth mindset believe that intelligence or skill in any field can be developed through effort.

Basically, they believe that anyone can nurture their abilities in anything. The inverse of the growth mindset is the fixed mindset. People with this one believe that intelligence and skill are innate. It's something that we're born with, were either born gifted or not, there's no room for change. Basically, they believe intelligence is fixed from birth. And this essay will explore why the growth mindset is the better one and how we can develop it.

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