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The Stuff of Thought


Dr. Steven Pinker




Renowned linguist Steven Pinker speaks at Google's Mountain View, CA, headquarters about his book "The Stuff of Thought." This event took place on September 24, 2007, as part of the Authors@Google series. For more information about Steven Pinker, please visit


I'm Douglas Merrill. I'm a VP of engineering here at Google, and, uh, as a side note, have a PhD in cognitive science. In my dissertation, I spend about a chapter and a half fairly tuly citing you and saying why I think you're wrong. So , uh, for the record, every time Steven and I have argued he's been right and I'm sure it was the case this time as well.

Steven is the Johnston family professor of Psychology at Harvard, I believe. Is that roughly correct? He recently devolved, he was at MIT for many years. . But that's okay. The commute's shorter. Uh, I asked Stephen what he wanted me to say, if anything in particular, and he wants me to definitely call out two things.

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