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Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind


Shunryu Suzuki




This is a summary and review of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice by Shunryu Suzuki. This is one of the most read books on Zen Buddhism and is consists of notes taken from students of one of the most prominent Zen teachers in the west. 

This book contains simple truths and practical steps to starting a Zen practice with much of the focus on studying oneself through meditation (Zazen).


Are you a beginner looking to find out what is Zen? Or maybe you've got a bit of knowledge about Zen and you just want to deepen this knowledge? Either way, continue watching and find out how this book can help you. I've included timestamps below so that you can get to exactly the part of the video you wish to watch. The first one is for the review section, which just gives my opinion if this book is worth reading and what benefits you'll gain from it.

And the second time stamp is the summary, which is all the main concepts of this book. Let's start with the review of this, book. I would definitely recommend reading this book as it gives you all the essential knowledge you need of Zen in a very simple manner, and also focusing more on the practical aspects of Zen so that you can start practicing after reading only a few pages of the book.

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