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Breaking news at the intersection of science, mindfulness and the workplace. Opt-in for updates, announcements, and hand-picked resources for the week


Our directory of journaled studies in neuroscience, biology and psychology, selected for their application to individual and organizational performance

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Case Studies

Video interviews with the mindfulness champions who’ve built successful grassroots programs at Aetna, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and many more.


Our curated collection of best-in-class videos on the theory, science, practice and application of mindfulness, organized into topical channels


Our members share how science-based mindfulness develops more effective leaders, a higher-performing workforce, and a more productive workplace


Interviews, opinions, editorials and educational podcasts on the science and and practical application of mindfulness - from our partners and favorites

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Our editor’s pick of the best reading in brain science, psychology and mindfulness, applied to increase personal and organizational performance

Laughing Yoga


Listen online, on your phone, or sign-up to have our series of daily guided practices, from our own favorite teachers, emailed to you each morning

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