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Accepting Uncertainty Meditation


Dr. Danielle Einstein




Written by Dr Danielle Einstein from Macquarie University, Centre for Emotional Health, this meditation will help deal with feelings of uncertainty.


Bring into your mind the uncertain situation that is upsetting you. Start by creating an image of the situation. The image may be as simple as a question mark. It may look like a question mark floating on a person, or a stick figure covered in pages of job ads from the newspaper. It could be a medical record, or a screen with a social media program open and a massive green question mark printed across the front of it. It doesn't matter what image you come up with, as long as it represents something unknown in the situation that concerns you right now.

Now that you have an image in your mind, scan your body from head to toe. Notice any mod physical sensations that may be bothering you. It may be tension in your shoulders, a lump in your chest, or an ache in your forehead. The sensations may be mild, or strong. Either worth noticing. For now, choose to focus on the sensations that bother you the most.

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