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Altruism in the Lab


Dr. Matthieu Ricard




Matthieu Ricard describes the effects of meditation and compassion on the brain.


The study of art tourism in with neuroscience. You know, there was, there's quite a few labs, but the one I was personally involved, one is the lab of Richard Davidson in Medicine, Wisconsin, with an Luz or so. And it was shown for instance, that when meditators engage in the, what they call unconditional compassion.

I mean, you just feeling of compassion for anyone that could be in the field of your attention that induc in the brain activities, there are different frequencies in the gamma frequencies, which are fast frequencies, which are related with connectivity between many areas of there's a huge increase of those camera frequency to an extent as in Richard Davis's words was never described earlier in neuroscience magnitude of a voluntary induced change in the brain.

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