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Anxiety and Meditation


Dr. Sam Harris




In this discussion, Dr. Sam Harris explores the causes of anxiety and potential coping mechanisms. He highlights the role of cognitive behavioral therapy, which involves exposing oneself to anxiety triggers in manageable ways, and suggests that mindfulness and meditation can aid in this process.


Okay, so I got your questions on Reddit, and when I last looked at this page, there were over 1300 of them. So needless to say, I will not make much headway, but I really thank you for delivering so many questions and voting them up, and I, I can only assume that the ones that came first, now were the ones that, in fact, were reliably voted up.

Some of these questions surprised me, but, and maybe I'll dig around a little to find. Others that are of interest. So there are many questions on anxiety and one person wrote, anxiety is a monster that is crippling and paralyzing and keeps you in a loop of debilitating negative emotions. Even when one desperately wants out.

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