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Authentic Leadership: Discover True North


Bill George




What are the characteristics of innovation leaders? Bill George argues that to remain innovative, leaders need to adopt an empowering rather than hierarchical approach. During this talk at Google, Bill talks about why leadership matters, why leaders fail, and the missing element in many organizations: innovation leaders.


Hello and welcome to Today's Tech Talk. I'm Dolores Bernardo, and I'm with People Development. I'm so pleased to be introducing Bill George today. Bill is an inspiringm leader, his work is often quoted in Google's leadership development programs as well as he's been quoted in Meg's book, Search Inside Yourself.

So lots of Google connections. Bill has spent over 30 years in executive leadership positions as CEO of Medtronic. He built the company, into the world's leading medical technology company from a market capitalization of 1 billion to 60 billion, so he knows business. Currently his professor at Harvard Business School, his 2004 book, authentic Leadership, was a Business Week best seller.

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