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Caring for Others






Empathy is about sharing someone else’s emotion, then doing an action to show we care. We grow our empathy every time we listen, understand feelings, support, and are interested in others.


Hi, this is Anishka. You might have been hearing about Coronavirus or Covid 19 and how it's been declared, a pandemic so of concern to all of us all over the world. You also may have heard about various suggestions or recommendations to help yourself not get sick and to stop spreading the virus. So some of the things are not touching your face.

Social distancing or avoiding being around a lot of people and making sure that if you feel sick, you stay isolated and stay at home. You might also have heard that the risk for healthy individuals is not that great. It might sound like it feels like the flu or bad cold, but actually the biggest risk is to those who are elderly or who have some underlying health.

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