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Wash Your Hands and Meditate






Anushka explains how to make the recommended 20-second hand washing routine more meaningful by reciting meta phrases. This practice not only ensures thorough cleaning but also promotes a sense of peace and compassion for oneself and others.



Hi, this is Anishka. So recently you've probably heard about the coronavirus and staying healthy, and one of the recommendations is that we wash our hands often and that we try not to touch our face. The recommendation to wash your hands well has highlighted for many of us that we actually haven't been washing our hands as thoroughly as we could have for all of our lives.

The recommendation is to do it for 20 seconds. And I've heard things like sing Happy Birthday to you twice. To get to that amount of time. For me, it felt strange to sing Happy Birthday when it's nobody's birthday. So I came up with another version, which uses the well wishing or meta phrases. So as you're washing your hands, you can do two rounds of meta basically, which will get you to around 20 seconds.

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