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Beginner's Mind


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The session introduces the concept of a beginner's mind—seeing situations with fresh eyes rather than through biases. It highlights the cognitive challenges of maintaining this perspective and the benefits of mindfulness training in overcoming these limitations.


Hello, and welcome back to our session today.

Today we will be looking at the mental strategy of a beginner's mind. And to start off with, I'd like to put forward a definition of that. Just basically, a mind that has the ability to see any situation with fresh eyes, rather than with bias limitations. In today's session, we'll explore a little bit more about what that means. We'll also look at from a cognitive perspective, why that can be so difficult to see things with fresh eyes rather than with bias limitations.

We'll also look at some research that demonstrates the benefit of mindfulness training to overcome those limitations. And finally, we'll wrap up with our guided instructions on how to cultivate a beginner's mind. And we'll do our mindfulness training together. To start off with, I would like you to explore for yourself how often do you experience a beginner's mind? Are you the type of person that walks into the office every day and says, Wow, another email? I can't wait to read it. Well, perhaps that's a bit unrealistic, even for the most optimistic beginner's mind.

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