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Behavioral Evolution 2


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Robert Sapolsky continues his two-part series on evolution focusing on individual and kin selection, behavioral logic, competitive infanticide, male/female animal hierarchies, sex-ratio fluctuation, intersexual competition, imprinted genes, sperm competition, inbred-founder populations, group and multi-level selection, and punctuated equilibrium.


Stanford University often asked question, what's the difference between Bio one 50, bio two 50, and is it hum, bio one 60? No difference. It's exactly the same. So like the same requirements, same unit. So take whichever one makes your life easiest. Let's see. Any other procedural stuff? Well, the answers are back from Monday's questionnaire and a, uh, variety of interesting answers.

Not surprisingly, given the size of a group, why have you taken this course? Uh, really want to know about animal behavior, but willing to deal with humans. , uh, because I'm substituting it for Bio 43, which I don't want to. My dad used to make me read books about human behavior and biology as punishment.

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