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Break Anxiety and Addiction Patterns


Michael Puett




In our lives, we all spend a heck of a lot of time with one special person – ourselves. We know what we like, we know what we hate, what we’re good at, where we fall short. The world around you may be a complex mystery, but at least you know yourself, right? Wrong. Harvard Professor of Chinese History Michael Puett is riding in on the Eastern Philosophy steam train to shatter everything you think you know about your "true" self.


If we often ask ourselves, okay, who am I? What's my true self? What am I gifted at? What am I bad at? Oftentimes we'll answer that assuming this one authentic self. So I'm just the sort of person who gets angry at little things, but I'm also sort the sort of person who's very good at tackling big problems.

So that's. And then we'll think through, okay, what's a good career for me? What are good relationships for me based on who I am? Now, again, suppose that's all wrong. Suppose those are all simply patterns we've fallen into. So it may be empirically right to say Right now I'm someone who gets angry at little things and good at thinking big, but that's just because I've fallen into these patterns.

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