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Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


Rick Archer, Gary Weber




The author was raised in a devout Methodist home and through early adolescence was involved in religious affairs, giving annual religious talks. From early adolescence until late twenties, he went through a secular life with marriage, two children, undergraduate school, military service, and then graduate school.


Welcome to Bud at the Gas pump. 

My name is Rick Archer and my guest today is Gary Weber. Welcome, Gary. Good to be here. Yeah. I first met you at the Science and Non-Duality Conference last year, and then you kind of disappeared and I think you told me later you had a flu or something, so Yeah, it's good to get together finally.

And you had an unusual kind of awakening a number of years ago. You were in the middle of a yoga posture and, and all of a sudden everything changed and never, never went back to the way it was. So that was a kind of an interesting watershed moment, but, just so people can get to know you a little bit, let's backtrack and, and just give us a sketchy overview of, you know, what led you up to that moment.

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