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Changes in the Brain


Wendy Suzuki




People who have meditated for thousands of hours exhibit a remarkable difference in their brainwaves. Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman says we can actually see what happens in the heads of those who have achieved "enlightenment" and the results are unprecedented in science.


We know a lot about or growing our knowledge about the effects of meditation, long term meditation in people like monks that meditate for 50 or, you know, 50,000 hours in their lifetime. And we know that this completely changes the electrophysiological responses of their brains, they have much higher levels of what we call gamma waves, which is a particular frequency of wave.

Not only that, but even their resting baseline, even when they're not meditating their wave. Their brainwaves are more like meditation, the meditation, kind of brainwaves, and then novice people that have don't have any experience meditating. So it really changes both the baseline level of physiological activity as well as the response when you're asked to actually meditate.

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