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Chaos and Reductionism


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Professor Robert Sapolsky gives what he calls "one of the most difficult lectures of the course" about chaos and reductionism. He references a book that he assigned to his students. This lecture focuses on reduction science and breaking things down to their component parts in order to understand them best.


We are not going to work our way through the behavior on the right and march to the left. And instead we'll be trying to come up with some ideas that are going to apply to everything we hear about in here. And overall,  these are probably the most difficult lectures of the course, the most difficult material.

In part because I'm not sure if I completely understand what I'm talking about, but also because this is intrinsically some really different ways of thinking about things in the realm of science. And that's one of the reasons why I forced you guys to read this chaos book. And again, as I think I mentioned in the first lecture, this insight.

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