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Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness


Dr. Philippe Goldin




Mindfulness meditation, one type of meditation technique, has been shown to enhance emotional awareness and psychological flexibility as well as induce well-being and emotional balance.


Hi everybody. Welcome. Today I'm here, my name's Peter Allen. I'm the director of Google University, and I'd like to introduce Philipe Golden, Felipe Hold something. Just a moment about his background. Um, is a post-doctoral researcher. So Philippe Golden is a postdoctoral researcher in clinically applied affective neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at Stanford, holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Rutgers.

He also spent six years in India and Nepal studying languages, Budhist philosophy and debate, which means that he can prove you wrong in a nonviolent way, in languages you don't even understand. Dang. Felipe is currently doing clinical research funded by the NIH in three areas. And here I have to read because otherwise I'll say it all wrong.

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