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Mindful communication is an active engagement with the present moment, not just words exchanged. It involves recognizing mental barriers like distractions and habitual perceptions, enabling deeper understanding and meaningful connections.


Hello, and welcome back.

Today we'll be talking about communicating with mindfulness. Before we get started, I'd like to ask you to just reflect what does mindful communication mean for you? And specifically, how mindful, do you think that you are in your daily communication with others? Well, today, we'll be looking at two of the biggest barriers to effective communication. 

And then we'll provide you with some very specific strategies on how to improve your communication by applying mindfulness, both in terms of how we receive information from others, and also how we share information with others. So let's get started. To begin, what we'll do is we'll actually have a look at a very typical office scene, I'd like to introduce you to Peter in the blue shirt, and John in the white shirt. And if you look from the outside, it looks like they're having a very effective communication.

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