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Creating a Winning Mindset


Irit Wald




Irit Wald has been practicing meditation and other positive mindset techniques for over 15 years and is a recognized thought leader on how to develop a winning mindset for success, happiness, and satisfaction.


Eric is the Wellness Consultant, engineer, a mother and a wife. During her 15 years of meditation experience, she had peaceful moments that gave her time to hear her thoughts and self talk. She then realize the power to her own thoughts head on here. This helped her develop a unique tool based on research that can help others develop a positive mindset and utilize her full potential. Today, this tool, which is called ticker, has became the most popular app for motivation in a formation in in the App Store.

Hi, everyone. I'm Yuri 12. And I would like to, before I will talk about myself and everything, I would like to start with something funny. A very, very wealthy man invited holes, all the people in the neighborhood to come to his wealthy party. And inside his house, there was a pool full full with alligators and sharks. And he said, the one that will swim across the pool will get whatever he wants. So there are there was a huge silence. And then he had one splash and someone started to swim, swim, swim across the pool, get out of the pool, try to calm his breath.

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