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Cultivating Peace in Troubled Times


Dr. Rhonda Magee




SIYLI's Chair of the Board of Directors, Rhonda Magee, and CEO Rich Fernandez discuss ways to cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the midst of troubled times.


Hello everybody. Welcome. Welcome to this conversation, today, wherever in the world it is you're joining us from, welcome. Whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, or you're playing this back later,  we're very glad that you could participate and be with us. My name is Rich Fernandez from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and I'm joined by our special guest, our friend, the chair of our board.

Professor of law, a thought leader and practice leader, Rhonda McGee. Welcome Rhon. Great. Thank you so much, much good to be with you all. Um, so, um, today's conversation is really, the topic that we're gonna focus on is really,, how to navigate, difficult times. How to cultivate peace in troubled times.

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