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Cultivating Wisdom: the Power of Mood


Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett




Do you believe that what you see influences how you feel? Actually, the opposite is true: What you feel — your "affect" — influences what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett shares the groundbreaking discovery that you experience the world through affect-colored glasses. She also reveals how affect can be a source of wisdom that helps you to make better, wiser choices


So I want you to come on a little journey with me right now. I want you to imagine that you are a soldier in wartime patrolling the forest with your squad, and then suddenly up ahead. You hear rustling in the bush. You scan around you and then it hits you with horror. You see them a long line of fighters, gorilla fighters dressed in camouflage and carrying machine guns instinctively.

You raise your rifle, you flip off the safety catch, and you point it at the leader. Who is carrying an AK 47? This is actually a true story that was told to me by a man who was drafted against his will into the Rhodesian army before the fall of apartheid. Before he was drafted, he was an attorney who defended gorilla fighters in court, and now to his utter astonishment and dism.

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