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Depression in the U.S.


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Dr. Robert Sapolsky's talk on depression elucidates its devastating effects and far-reaching implications, highlighting its ranking as a leading cause of disability worldwide. By examining the interplay between biology and psychology, he offers a comprehensive perspective on depression's multifaceted nature and the urgent need for effective interventions.


Stanford University, okay. There are all sorts of interesting diseases out there, and lots of them are quite exotic. You've got Elephant Man syndrome and you've got Progeria, which is the disease where you basically die of old age when you're about 10 years old, and then you've got cannibals eating brains.

Preon diseases, and those are very exciting. And they're great and great. You know, junior high school papers about disease and such? Oh no. Okay. Come up to the front.

See a couple more seats.

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