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Drive Real Change in DEI


Khalil Smith




Given the recent tragedies in America of racial injustice, inclusion and diversity must become urgent priorities for organizations. And while leaders don’t need to change people’s beliefs, they should care about changing behaviors.


So speaking of those guys, let me introduce our two great subject matter experts. We have Khalil Smith, our VP of consulting and Research here at nli. Hello Kail and Marshall Bergman, SVP Corporate Solutions, also here, ATLI. Hey Marshall. There you are. Uh, and with that I'm gonna hand over to Khalil Kail.

Are you ready? I am ready. Can you hear me okay, Gabe? Yeah, you sound great. Look great. Wonderful. That's all I needed. Thank you for a little bit of an extra boost, uh, to do push for you. Nice. Um, thank you so much everyone for joining and you know, as Gabe said, we're really excited to have this conversation around driving real change in diversity and in.

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