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How to Actively Listen to Others


Scott Pierce




In this inspiring talk, Scott Pierce shows us that “Yes, and” is not just the first rule of improv, but it also touches on deeper lessons that we can apply to our everyday lives. Scott Pierce is a born technologist, writing his first production code for his parents’ software company at 10 years old.


There's an internet meme that I really like. It's a picture of Miles Davis and there's a quote that's attributed to miles. The quote is, it's not the note you play. That's the wrong note. It's the note you play after that makes that note right or wrong. Now, this being a quote off the internet, I have no idea of Miles Davis ever actually said that. But Herbie Hancock tells a story that I think supports this quote, see Herbie played in miles his band back in the early 60s. And one night at a gig in Germany.

They were playing the song so what? And in the middle of a song, HERBIE played the wrong chord. He said it was so bad. He picked his hands up off the keyboards, they put him over his ears. Myles pause for just a breath. And he played this fill of notes that made that chord right. And I liked the story even better than the quote because it illustrates the relationship between Herbie and miles in between miles in the music. See, HERBIE was really, really young just starting out his career.

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