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Limbic System


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Robert Sapolsky focuses on the role of the limbic system as the emotional component of the nervous system. He explores its influence on decision making, its connection to the cortex, and the various functions of subparts within the limbic system circuitry.


Okay. And is this audible? It's really quiet. Really quiet. Something's wrong with the sound system today. How's that? How's that placebo? Maybe that would've worked. Okay. Well, I guess I will just have to shout out, but

All right. Help. Right? Where am I clipping? Where this falling off? Is I doing it? That's fine. Okay.

Good. So let's see. That is an event you probably should check out, and I'm still irritated you didn't wanna sign football for me, but nonetheless. Okay, so starting off as, uh, the large numbers of empty seats imply not only is Monday the midterm, but today's not a topic that we covered on the midterm. So in case you wanna flee right now, here's your chance.

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