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Managing Bias


Dan Pouliot




Neuroscience, pop culture, the CIA, positive psychology and Buddhism are woven together to inform us on how to improve our lives.


Just to give a little bit of background in my past life, probably about 25 years ago, I was trained as a life coach. Now this was a small outfit out of Vermont. And they didn't call it that at the time they caught it. And they were a little bit new agey, they called it, prosperity teacher and I, anyone that wants to make fun of that name, I'm totally on board with that I never really felt so good about it.

But I spent, I spent seven years in these really intense workshops that there was, there was a lot of examination, and I got quite a bit out of it. And, and so that's where the passion and, and the sort of level of conversation stems from. It's been a lifelong habit, a hobby of mine. And it's something that I spent quite a bit of time, heavily involved in about 20 years ago. And so. And these are just a smattering of books that sort of go into what I'm going to talk about today that so this isn't like a traditional reading circle in that I bring one book to the table. 

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