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Mental Strength Post-Trauma


Lisa Romano




You can learn to become mentally stronger as a person with tips from Navy Seals. Use these tips to help you overcome emotional triggers. You can heal emotional trauma and overcome the past, with these tips from Navy Seal training.


Need mental toughness for those of us who have been abused emotionally and psychologically. Especially if you've suffered narcissistic abuse you and you've been gaslighted. I mean, that sucks. So I know that I've experienced gaslighting and it is, it is so mean and it's, it's deplorable to think that someone's agenda is.

To set you on fire and watch you dance, and then to point the finger and go look at that crazy bitch. Look at her dance like she's crazy. You know, they're sticking you within new windows and they're insinuating things, and they're saying things that no one else can hear, and then they flash you a look and you react and he's pointing the finger at you, or she's pointing their finger at you.

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