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Mindfulness at Linkedln


Scott Shute




Mindfulness at LinkedIn is a profile of how the company is “operationalizing compassion” through a series of mindfulness and wellbeing programs. Our interview is with Scott Shute, the new head of Mindfulness and Compassion programs, and architect of the new initiatives.


The way we'd like to start out is I'd like to, I'd like to, to offer you the opportunity to lead us in a brief practice to get us beautiful, because talking is good, but practicing even better. So we'll do a quick three or four minutes practice on self compassion, perhaps. So go ahead and find yourself a comfortable, but alert position. I like to think of it as if your spine were a beautiful string of pearls and someone was delicately holding them from the top, how would your spine be just take a deep breath in and out.

Letting any tension in your shoulders slip away on your temples, slip away. Continuing those deep breaths at your own pace and allowing yourself to fully arrive in this moment in this precious present moment.

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