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Mindfulness at Microsoft


Charles Morris




Mindfulness at Microsoft explores mindfulness through a transformational period at one of the world’s largest and most legendary tech companies. Our interview is with Charles Morris, Director of Global Learning and Development at Microsoft — and founder of Mindful Growth, an experiential employee program that combines concepts from mindfulness and growth mindset theory.


Benefit. So, first of all, my My name is Cole Harbour, I'm the Associate Director at the Institute for organizational mindfulness, the sponsoring organization of this series. And if you guys are just joining, this is session two of eight, in our case study series, where we're Andy Lee here, is going to be interviewing leaders inside companies, and all around the world that are really trying to build great mindfulness programs that are kind of aimed at the workplace. So as an association, where we're interested in that same mission, where we're trying to build a big tent for everybody that is really thinking in this direction, whether they be an HR, or their coach, or their researchers, to really figure out how mindfulness kind of puzzles into organizations.

And we're, honestly, I think these two would agree very early on in that process. So it's gonna take everybody to figure it out. Many of you have already kind of opted into our membership program.

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