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Mindfulness for Team Performance


Dr. Jutta Tobia




Dr Jutta Tobias from the Centre for Business Performance at Cranfield University explains that employees feeling constantly overwhelmed and on show can lead to fragmentation within the organisation.


Petra: Hello Jutta, thank you very much for presenting at the public sector roundtable. You presented on mindfulness. Mindfulness seems to be a very hot topic these days, but what is it really about, what does it come from?

Jutta: Well, Petra, I'm really glad that you got me to present this today. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to any situation like this one here and actually being physically and mentally here, as opposed to thinking about what I did before, or worrying about or projecting myself into the future, and really paying attention to the questions that you're gonna ask me, and answering them as best I can.

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