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The Attention Economy - How They Addict Us


Will Schoder




"The Attention Economy - How They Addict Us" by Will Schoder offers a captivating exploration of the dynamics shaping our digital experiences. With a focus on attention as a scarce resource in the online realm, Schoder delves into the strategies employed by platforms to captivate and retain users


Hmm, that's not a bad photo. Laura posted a new album, a new video from John Oliver. Look at all these other videos. A new follower on Twitter. A few hot takes from the debate last night. This guy has a Wikipedia page. Oh, he grew up near New York. I grew up near New York. Just catch up on Instagram. Texts from mom, texts from dad.

Hey dad, watch this kid shoot a firework at his hand . Holy shit. Holy shit. It's been 40 minutes. Every time I look up after being stuck in my phone like this, I know it's going to happen again, and most of the time I don't feel great about it. This is what it's like being a part of the attention economy.

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