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Your Brain Is Hardwired for Love


Dr. Daniel Goleman




If you've ever watched someone meditating it looks like they're just sitting there with their eyes closed. But what's going on in their head is extremely interesting: metta meditation (or 'loving-kindness' meditation if that's your thing) has been proven to actually make long-term practitioners certifiably better people.


Perhaps the most startling finding for meditation and beginners comes with what's called compassion or loving kindness meditation. This is a practice that often accompanies the mindfulness of the breath,for example, people will do at the end of a session, they bring to mind people who've been kind to them.

They think of themselves, they think of people, they love people, they know everyone everywhere and wish them well, and may they be safe, happy, healthy, free from suffering. And it turns out that the repetition of those phrases is psychoactive, it actually changes the brain, and how you feel right from the get go.

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