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Meditation Teacher Tips


Shane Wilson




The Meditation Learning Center offers this meditation teacher training tip for the students of the training program.


Hi. I'd like to offer some information that you would, might find helpful. I certainly hope you do so. Also, my hope to answer some, a common questions in this little video, uh, that you might have regarding what it means to be a certified meditation. So, uh, a meditation, uh, instructor, a certified meditation instructors is one who's very well versed in, uh, stress, basically in many ways and, and stress reactions and the effects of stress on the mind and


Uh, so the instructor has a good, solid knowledge base and experience, uh, in assisting individual. To identify the stressors in their lives. For example, um, they might have a, uh, uh, a plan or be able to develop a plan for teaching something which involves the practice of meditation, uh, to reduce the stress on the mind and the body.

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