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Myths About Gender and Brains


Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett




Many of our most basic beliefs about emotion are myths. Neuroscientist, psychologist, and author Lisa Feldman Barrett explains why our facial expressions can be misleading and how gender bias plays a crucial role in misunderstanding people. Women aren't more emotional than men. And this is the science that proves it.


So science, one of the things that science is for is for dispelling myths about how the world works. So for example, we used to believe that the earth, um, that the sun revolved around the earth. We used to believe that the earth was flat. Um, it turns out that many of our most basic beliefs about emotion also turn out to be myths.

And so today we're going to take on, um, three of these. Uh, and, uh, and dispel them. And the first is that emotions are displayed on the face with expressions that we all recognize. So the idea is that we're supposed to smile when we're happy. We're supposed to scowl when we're angry. We're supposed to frown when we're.

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