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The Psychology of Self-transformation


Claire Regina Fox




In this video, relying on the ideas of thinkers such as Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, we examine how we can change ourselves so as to live more fulfilling lives.


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Henry David Thoreau made this remark over 150 years ago. However, it is an observation that still rings true today. Often this desperation is the product of nagging feelings that we are wasting our life, accompanied by the frustration that despite our desire to make something of ourselves, the years passed by and nothing seems to change.

Phillips Brooks commented that those in this predicament feel the thing they ought to be beating beneath the thing they are. If we ignore these feelings for too long, then we will remain forever haunted by what might have been. In this video, we will explore how we can escape from a life of quiet desperation and transform ourselves in a manner more conducive to a fulfilling existence. We cannot change anything unless we accepted wrote Carl Jung.

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