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Train Your Brain


Dr. Richard Davidson




Richard Davidson, neuroscientist and Founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, joins ABC News Correspondent Dan Harris for a conversation on science and well-being.


Good evening everyone, and welcome to the JCC in Manhattan. Hello. Thank you. This is such an exciting evening for us, and I'd like to welcome everyone that's here, and I don't know whether any of you know, but we have about 4,000 people out there that are listening to this evening via live stream. So to the people that are here by magic, we also welcome you tonight.

Um, I'm Susie Kessler. I'm the director of a program here called Macomb, which is our program for meditation and spirituality. Uh, and we have a full and wonderful program of meditation and mindfulness here at the jcc. So if you're local, please check out all our programs and come and visit us. Um, I'm thrilled to welcome our guest tonight, Dan Harris, who is here in May and is making a.

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