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Create Inner Strength

Beth Kurland Ph.D. | 6:28

Inner strength requires grit, mental toughness and resilience. Dr. Angela Duckworth defines “grit” as a measure of our passion and perseverance towards long term goals. Mental toughness is the persistence to keep going, regardless of the discomfort or challenges we may be facing - and resilience is our  ability to bounce back, over and over, from the adversity, challenges and failures we encounter on the way.

To create grit, mental toughness and resilience we must first cope with (or control, or overcome) the fear, pain, rumination and worry that arise naturally from our 2 million-year old brain. Mindfulness can lift us over, push us through, or light the path around these obstacles.

Inner strength is a measure of the confidence, willpower, courage and discipline we need to fulfill our purpose. Mindfulness reinforces the neural pathways associated with these attributes - and helps us embrace the challenge, enjoy the process, and attack the barriers with self awareness, empathy, kindness and compassion. 

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