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Coaching Sessions
FREE for Students and Members

Unlimited Coaching

Schedule a session for hands-on help with your coursework, getting started, or staying on the path. Let’s build a great practice that fits your lifestyle and objectives. 

Select any Session

Bring your curious beginner’s mind, and join the discussion. We’ll be answering questions, expanding on important mindfulness concepts, reviewing formal and informal exercises, and introducing best practices for mindfulness at home and in the workplace.

Free and Forever

These sessions are FREE for students, alumni and members. If you’re a current student, or have completed an educational program, you’ll have access for an unlimited time following your course.  We’re happy to help for as long as it takes to get you up and running.

Some Topics to Think About

Mindfulness produces an array of remarkably positive benefits. Live coaching can help you unlock outcomes that can be personally and professionally transformational. Let us know in advance where you’d like to focus, or come to the session with some good ideas and a mindful intention to learn. 

pete carroll seahawks.jpeg

“Each person has so much power within themselves that is ready to be freed. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”


Pete Carroll, Head Coach of Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

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