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Mindfulness on 60 Minutes

Judson Brewer | 1:27


This is just the next generation of exercise. We've got the physical, you know, exercise components, uh, down, and now it's about working out. How can we actually train our minds? Dr. Brewer's trying to understand how mindfulness can alter the functioning of the brain. He uses a cap lined with 128 electrodes.

We're gonna start filling each of these 128 wells. With conduction gel, the electrodes are able to pick up signals from the posterior. Part of a brain network linked to memory and emotion. This is all just picking up electrical signal from the top of your head. Since attending the mindfulness retreat, I've been meditating daily and was curious to see if it had an impact on my brain.

We're gonna have you start with thinking of something that was very anxiety provoking for you. When I thought about something stressful, the cells in my brain's posterior single. It immediately started firing, shown by the red lines that went off the chart on the computer screen. Just drop into meditation.

Okay. When I let go of those stressful thoughts and refocused on my breath, within seconds, the brain cells that had been firing quieted down, shown by the blue lines on the computer. That's really fascinating to see. , Dr. Brewer believes everyone can train their brains to reach that blue mindfulness zone, but he says, all the technology we're surrounded by makes it difficult.

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