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Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn | 3:30


Trust is a wonderful attitude to cultivate. Because there are so many different aspects of our lives that we're kind of strangers to. And as we cultivate intimacy with ourselves, we also cultivate a deep sense of trustworthiness and trust. And a good place to start is with our selves and with our body.

So can we actually come to trust, the natural wisdom of the body, and how beautifully the body supports our life, we very often take it totally for granted until something untoward happens. But noticing that, you know, in general, we can trust that the breath will take care of itself. Luckily, because if we had to worry about the breath, we would die a long time ago.

So we trust that the breath comes in, we trust that the breath goes out, we trust that the ears can actually hear we trust that the eyes will actually see, we trust that our organs take care of all of the metabolism and biology of being alive, there's wisdom to the body that can remind us that we ourselves are trustworthy.

And if there are so many beautiful things, and so complex, that are unfolding so, so beautifully in the body, well, why should the mind be any different? Why should the heart be any different. So the more we can learn to bring trust to ourselves, the more we can actually learn to bring trust to our relationships, and to other people, and to nature and to the various challenges that we face in life so that we can actually reside in our own confidence in our own ability to meet whatever comes towards us in ways that can be effective.

It's all based on trusting ourselves. And that's something that can be cultivated by practice. So every time we don't trust ourselves, we can bring awareness to it and, and remind ourselves that maybe this is a good opportunity to shift from really feeling like we're not able to trust something to actually trusting it when it's in ourselves.

When it involves other people, it gets a little bit more complicated, because you don't want to trust naively but other wisdom factors will help us to take care of that.

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