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Emotion Regulation Skills






In dialectical behavior therapy, there are four skill modules. One of them is Emotion Regulation Skills. You can see the four modules as the pillars of DBT.


The title of this video is D B T Therapy Emotion Regulation Skills, the Definitive Guide Part one. I am fully aware that this is a pretty bold claim. Any title with the definitive guide in it sounds like a marketing trick, doesn't it? But I assure you, I intend nothing other than to give you what the title of this video Promises in Return.

What I want from you is to practice these skills after working as a psychologist for the last eight years. I have never seen anybody experience real benefits from just reading or listening to D B T. Unlike some therapies, D B T is heavily exercise based to receive maximum benefits. I advise you to use D B T as it's intended by practicing its specific skills.

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