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Enabling Inclusion Through Mindfulness


Dr. Peter Weng




Berkeley Lab's "Perspectives on Diversity" Speaker Series. Hosted by the Diversity and Inclusion Council.


Hey, Jean. Welcome. Welcome. I wanted to take a couple minutes to just introduce, um, today's event. So for those that aren't quite yet aware, I'm Crystal Kalin. I'm the Diversity Inclusion Manager here at the laboratory. And today's, uh, presentation Perspectives on Diversity is brought to you from the Diversity Inclusion Office, as well as the d and i council.

The d i council has a few different, um, subcommittees there. One of them is the Diversity Inclusion Speaker and Socials activity, and Kelly Montgomery from Biosciences is, uh, the chair of that committee. So be on behalf of the dissa Diversity Inclusion Speakers and Social Activity and Diversity Inclusion Office.

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