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Energy Management


Potential Project




Potential Project's discussion on "Energy Management" sheds light on the crucial role of energy in our daily lives. By delving into the impact of sleep, nutrition, movement, and mental activity on our energy levels, this talk equips us with valuable strategies for managing our energy effectively and achieving peak performance.


Hello, and welcome. Today we're going to talk about energy management with mindfulness. Now looking at the picture on the screen, I'd like you to reflect on a typical day at work for you. Do you feel that you're constantly under pressure? Do you have lots of things that you have to remember, lots of things that you need to do lots of decisions that you need to make people that you need to interact with lots of mental gymnastics.

For many of us, it actually can feel like we're doing the equivalent of a mental marathon every day, under pressure to perform mentally. So the question I would ask is that if I were able to give you one more hour each and every day, how much would you be willing to pay for that hour, most people would pay quite a lot to have an extra hour of the day to be able to run that mental marathon.

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