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Hacking Your Brain to Change Habits


Dr. Jud Brewer




How often do you feel like it is a struggle to fight your brain to break bad habits and start healthy ones? Here's a short video that shows you the neuroscience behind why this is the case and how to hack the reward system in the brain to get it to do the work for you.


Why does your brain prefer cake to broccoli? This seems like a simple solution. cake tastes better, but it's not as simple as you might think. And the real answer gives us insights into why we act certain ways and how to break bad habits. Ready to dive in?

Let's start with why and how our brains form habits. Why is simple habits free up our brain to learn new things? Think about it. If every day you woke up in the morning and had to relearn how to walk, put your clothes on, tie your shoes, make coffee, cook food and eat, you'd be exhausted before you even finish breakfast. habits help us learn something once.

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