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Headspace - Meditation Obstacles


Andy Puddicombe




Doubt inevitably shows up in our meditation practice. It’s natural. The real problem occurs when we buy into that doubt. Don’t forget, no matter what the thoughts are, they’re still just thoughts. And all you need to do is gently return your focus to the breath.


So when doubt arises in the mind, it's really tempting to buy into those thoughts for some reason. Those thoughts sound a little more important, a little more believable than the other thoughts or thoughts about what happened yesterday or a conversation? We're planning to have H in a day or perhaps, I don't know, chores we have to do at home. Those don't kind of seem, you know, we know we're used to that we kind of know, they're, they don't require our immediate attention.

But somehow that little thought, little, little question mark doubt that arises in the back of the mind, somehow, it feels like it deserves more important, but it is just a thought. And like any other thought, the The aim here, the intention is to step back, to have a little bit of distance from the thoughts and the feelings, not to buy into them, not to get swept away by them not to get overwhelmed by them, but instead to see them clearly.

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