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High Performance Mindset


Dr. Michael Gervais




High performance sports psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais, featuring partner Pete Carroll, head coach of Seattle Seahawks


How did you get into high performance sports psychology? Was it something you always dreamed of or it was something that you pursued? Yeah, my experience, like, I didn't know that this even existed as a, as a lifestyle or as an art, as a science. It, I was young and I grew up here, uh, in the South Bay in the beaches, and I surfed and I surfed a lot.

And there was a significant difference between how I would surf in free surf and then how I would surf in competitive surfing. And I wasn't as good in the competitive environment. And so there was a competitor that paddled by me who we surfed every day together and we were in a competition. And he paddled by and he said, um, I mean, I can remember the day like it was yesterday.

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