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How to Build a Service Mindset


Stefan Ravalli




There’s a belief that service is meaningful only to those that are somehow born for it. Dissolving this myth is a key step in delivering truly impactful service. We know anyone can learn service skills, but did you know that anyone can learn to find service enjoyable and fulfilling?


Got a great presentation for us today on how to build a service mindset. The first time we talked about how to service skills or mindful skills, and really, the point of this series, if you're just joining us today is to give you those tools and the knowledge to, to build that service mindset to, to, to operate from those kind of optimal states, emotionally, where you can, you can make your customers feel delighted to work with you feel like they're acknowledged and, and served well. And that's a that's a two way sort of street. And so that's what this cert this series aims to achieve.

Today, we'll be going into new territory about how to build that kind of mindset. And if you haven't been here to Stephen, his are is got a project called surf conscious, you can check out his website, surf And really his goal, right, Stephen is to basically help people inside organizations, optimize those those those states for service, right and giving you the tools and the knowledge, just as I talked about, for this series, right? To create the best kind of service capabilities in yourself and those around you and for your team. So I encourage you to check out his work.

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