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How to Change Your Future


Dr. Jeremy Hunter




Jeremy Hunter describes how we can change the future by focusing on attention and Mindfulness.


When I was 20, I was on top of the world. I was an East Asian Studies major. And I had just won a prestigious fellowship from the Japanese government. I would spend a year in Tokyo, studying language and culture, all expenses paid. For a financially strapped kid like me, that was like winning the lottery. One day on campus, there was a health fair. And just for the heck of it, I got my blood pressure checked. And, to my surprise, it was startling Lehigh.

So the nurse sent me off to the school clinic for more tests, and they found protein in my urine. This was not a good sign. And so I rushed off to see a specialist. And within a few weeks, I found myself diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease that was attacking my kidneys. And the doctors best guess, was that I had five years left. In an instant, it felt like my life was tumbling into darkness. And I realized, what was worse was that I had to give back the fellowship. To stay in Ohio, where I lived for medical treatment.

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