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How to Overcome Shyness


School of Life




The true origins of shyness lie not in under-confidence but, very often, in self-hatred. We will be able to face social situations with energy and self-belief when we finally become able to like ourselves a little more.


A lack of confidence is often put down to something we call shyness. But beneath shyness, there may lie something more surprising, pernicious and poignant. We suffer from a suspicion of ourselves that gives us a sense that other people will always have good reasons to dislike us. 

To think ill of us to question our motives and to mock us. We then become scared of the world, speak in a small voice, don't dare to show our face at gatherings, and are frightened of social occasions, because we fear that we are ideal targets for ridicule and disdain. Our shy manner is the pre emptive stance we adopt in the face of the blows, we feel that other people want to land on us. Our shyness is rooted in a sense of unworthiness.

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